The Filipino American

Chamber of Commerce

of Greater Nevada



The Association for Filipino American Businesses. In Nevada. In the USA. In the Philippines.

Dedicated to

the Filipino-American business community.

Who we are.

The Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Nevada was formed in May 2012,  by a group of business people with the help of Ben Menor, Executive Director of the Federation of Philippine American Chambers of Commerce (FPACC), a network of 48 Chamber Chapters throughout the USA. Through the FPACC, we are directly affiliated with the leading Chamber Chapters in the Philippines.  Our ties to the Philippines are endorsed and promoted as an official Philippine government initiative.

Our Vision and Mission.


Building on our collective strengths  to make businesses  grow.

The Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Nevada believes in the synergistic community of businesses committed to creating and providing viable economic opportunities which shall benefit all members of society.

Our Objectives.

To promote the development of Filipino-American owned businesses and trade within the Greater Nevada and the global community at large, and to create a forum for these businesses to meet, interact, and share knowledge and expertise through the various chamber activities and programs designed to help stimulate the growth of the members' businesses.

Our Leaders.

The Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Nevada is led by a group of highly committed entrepreneurs and professionals, all achievers in their own fields of endeavor. These individuals possess qualities driven by service to the community and a desire to contribute to its growth.


Its previous officers include the late Robert Henry and Mita Del Fierro. The Honorable Commissioner Rozita V. Lee, serves as Senior Adviser and continues to provide the inspiration to the group. She gives out strategic advise on matters regarding  key community organizations and civic groups and government entities. Ben Menor is Special Adviser on Governance. Lorna Lardizabal-Dietz, is Special Adviser for Community Relations.



Current Set of Officers

Colette Manauis


Ron Cabildo

Vice President, External Affairs

Olivia Enriquez

Vice President,


Joel Enriquez


Jude Nazareth

Legal Counsel

Joe Camacho


Our Board of Advisers

Ben Menor

Adviser, Governance

Rozita V. Lee

Senior Adviser,

Government Affairs

Lorna Lardizabal-Dietz


Mita del Fierro

Ex Officio,

Past President

Contact info:

P. O. Box 80355

Las Vegas, NV 89180

Tel. No.:

+1 702 907 1088